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I am a retired software salesman working in support of the ABC (Albuquerque-Bernalillo County, New Mexico) Community Schools Partnership.

Frank Mirabal, VP Educational Support at YDI, and I, are co-Chairs of the Partnership’s Policy and Planning Committee.

I have worked with census and other demographic data in analyzing social and economic issues. I have also worked with computer graphics/mapping for making data and concepts more “reader-friendly” for non-technical mortals.

I went from kindergarten through high school just 3 hours north of here in Southern Colorado’s San Luis Valley. I lived in San Francisco for 9 years where I worked, served in the Navy Pacific Fleet, and graduated from San Francisco State College. In 1965, I moved to Washington, D.C.

In Washington, I helped build a small social/demographic data analysis company, sold early Executive Information System software to the Department of Defense (DoD) and taught computer graphic executive management systems at the DoD Computer Institute. Through these, I came to love the idea of ‘graphicalizing’ data and information to create user-friendly understanding for normal, non-technical people.

A friend from high school once told me, “You can take the boy out of the west, but you can’t take the west out of the boy” … it’s true … so in 2001, artist Patricia Forbes and I moved from Washington to Albuquerque.


As an aside …

A 2004 conversation with Albuquerque’s Mayor Martin Chavez led me on a two-year project that resulted in an April 2006 installation of the 4 ft x 16 ft Albuquerque History and Culture Timeline in the East Wing of the Convention Center as part of Albuquerque’s 300th birthday celebration.

Showing the size of the TimelineIn 2009, a 3 ft x 12 ft sister copy was installed in the passenger waiting area at the Albuquerque International Sunport in recognition of the airport’s 70th anniversary.


5 thoughts on “About Tom Miles

  1. Gail Brooks

    Tom, thanks so much for coming to our DAR chapter meeting this week. I’m looking forward to a trip downtown for a closer look at the timeline and some ideas from it. Charles Dibrell is doing a skit at DAR State Conference in April — our theme is women in the1940s; and I’m sure to get some ideas from you about what was going on in Albuquerque at that time.

    Sorry this is so informal, but it’s quicker to find you on-line than to locate your card in all my papers. I hope Pat follows up on her DAR heritage. We’d love to have her join us.

    Gail Brooks

  2. tcmiles

    Hi Debbie – yes, you may order a copy from New Mexico Big Prints here in Albuquerque.
    Their telephone is 505-345-1600 and John Hanson is the owner/contact.

    The 4 ft x 8 ft version with clear laminate protective layer would be $200/copy.

    Thanks for asking, and I’m glad you enjoyed the timeline.

  3. James S. de Champlon


    I work with the Old Town division of the Cultural Services Department. A two by eight foot copy of your timeline takes up one full wall of my office and has recently generated some interest in the possibility of utilizing your timeline on the City’s web site.

    Please give me a call so that we might discuss.

    Thank you,

    James S. de Champlon

  4. Emily Conway


    I am a brand new Social Studies teacher at Ernie Pyle middle school. I am wondering how to get a copy of your fabulous timeline… Will you point me in the right direction?

    Much gratitude.

    Emily Conway

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