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Time: 10 Questions for Andre Agassi

The tennis legend turned school founder talks about regrets, crystal meth and German habits

By Belinda Luscombe Monday, Oct. 21, 2013

Some interesting quotes:

“I look at the circumstances of these kids, and without education, I know exactly where we’ll be – we’ll be building prisons instead of schools.”

“I eventually realized, you can make systemic change.”

“The single greatest impediment to the growth of best-in-class charter schools is not the software but the hardware – the actual facilities. We come in with private capital and allow schools time to incubate.”

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Silhouette man wonders what’s wrong with America

Interesting comic strip comparing Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden approach to education spending priorities and reasoning to our apparent priorities.

I couldn’t figure out how to embed or copy the actual comic image, so you’ll have to go to Silhouette Man to see and enjoy this one,

Kids who graduate in NM may help cut crime

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – A new plan to cut crime in New Mexico looks at getting more kids to graduate from high school.

One economist estimates if five percent more young men graduated in New Mexico, It could save the state $38 million in prison and jail costs.

Nobel Prize winning economist James Heckman says kids who graduate are less likely to be arrested and sent to jail.

Heckman also adds if that same five percent of high school grads also went to college, their combined income would be $20 million higher than if they hadn’t gone to college.

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