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With a little bit of work you can use this post to locate the name, address and telephone number of an actual person who should be willing to listen to the situation you are having problems with. They may be able to either do something about it, direct you to someone who can, or note it for discussion at their next problem-solving meeting. As a reminder for how this works, see my earlier post, Bitching Doesn’t Work.

 Albuquerque Public Schools – Board of Education – you can get to all APS information via the left sidebar; click on School Boundaries to see what elementary, middle, and high schools are in each of the 7 districts.

Albuquerque City Council – find your Counselor with the “Locate Your Counselor” map; below are two Council-related education support activities and points of contact.

Albuquerque Business Education Compact

The Albuquerque Business Education Compact (ABEC)Leaving, click for disclaimer is a partnership of business, education and local government interests in the greater Albuquerque community. The key focus of the group through 2017 is to develop and implement a seamless pre-K through adult education system; expand the role of schools as centers of community and family involvement; and collaborate among multiple groups to integrate strategic planning efforts. Brad Winter, appointed by the Council President, sits on the ABEC Board.

Community Schools

The Albuquerque Bernalillo County (ABC) Community Schools Partnership is a joint agreement with the Albuquerque Public Schools, Bernalillo County, the Albuquerque Business Education Compact (ABEC) and the City of Albuquerque. Its purpose is to increase parent involvement, student academic achievement and overall community quality of life, through the creation and support of cooperative and collaborative working relationships with schools and the business community, social service agencies, government agencies, faith-based organizations, civic groups, neighborhood associations and post secondary institutions. Rey Garduño and Brad Winter sit on the ABC Partnership Board.

Bernalillo County Commissioners – District maps and Commissioner contact information. Three Commissioners are on the ABC Community Schools Partnership Board:

1. Commissioner Maggie Hart Stebbins
2. Commissioner Lonnie Talbert
3. Commissioner Wayne Johnson

New Mexico Legislative Education Study Committee  – conducts a continuing study of all education in New Mexico, the laws governing such education and the policies and costs of the New Mexico educational system, including the training of certified teaching personnel in postsecondary institutions;

  • recommends funding levels for public education;
  • recommends changes in laws relating to education;
  • makes a full report of its findings and recommendations.

The LESC comprises 27 legislators (10 voting, 17 advisory) appointed to provide proportionate representation from both houses and both political parties. Assisted by a permanent staff, the committee meets regularly during the interim between legislative sessions to study education issues.

Legislative Education Study Committee Staff – The LESC maintains a permanent staff of research and fiscal analysts who provide support for all of the committee’s functions, conduct research, prepare reports, and present findings and recommendations to the committee at its regularly scheduled meetings. Staff also are available to assist individual legislators in assembling and presenting information about education, analyzing potential legislation, and assisting in other ways related to their legislative responsibility.

New Mexico Legislative Finance Committee – The Legislative Finance Committee provides the Legislature with objective fiscal and public policy analyses, recommendations and oversight of state agencies to improve performance and ensure accountability through the effective allocation of resources for the benefit of all New Mexicans.

New Mexico Public Education Department – (PED) – website provides useful information for students, parents, teachers, administrators, and community. You can also access an A to Z directory for PED.

U.S. House of Representatives – click on New Mexico on the map for representative name, telephone number and House Committee assignments

U.S. Senate – click on “Senators” upper left, then choose New Mexico in the “Choose a State” box


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