Need to know – 9-12 high school

From a Google search: What do I need to know about high school

These kind of stood out on the first page … and … there were 1,610,000,000 more results!

Seems to be a right comprehensive site with lots of articles on

  • Academic considerations and tips (SAT, college, year off)
  • Emotional considerations and tips (Credit cards, romance, talking back, prom night)
  • Developmental considerations and tips (Stealing/lying/shoplifting, needed tech skills, social graces)

Starting High School – for teens

Looks like good read for teens just entering high school:

  • Starting out in a new school
  • Learning inside the classroom
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Learning outside the classroom
  • Plus a Spanish language version

What You’ll Wish You Had Known” 

Long, detailed, and I would think pretty challenging and valuable for a high schooler to read. See what you think … then share it with a high schooler or middle schooler and see what they say.

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