Need to know – Preschool/Kindergarten

From a Google search: What Do I Need To Know About Preschool/Kindergarten, these kind of stood out on the first page … and … there were 19,600,000 more results!

Seems to be a right comprehensive site. Here’s what you can look at for Preschool and Kindergarden:

  • Learning to read
  • Kindergarten readiness
  • Preschool arts and crafts ideas
  • Preschool worksheets
  • High-pressure preschools: how much is too much
  • Preschool activities: how much is too much
  • Preschool humor: what’s funny to your child and why
  • Play in preschool: why it matters

How Important Is Preschool?

Long article from Slate Magazine. Quick boil-down:

  • The type of preschool doesn’t seem to make much of a difference
  • First, second, or third choice of preschool doesn’t seem to make much of a difference
  • Head Start programs across the country differ drastically
  • research suggests that parents who are financially comfortable tend to devote more resources and time to their kids, in part because they can.
  • Research suggests that preschool can mostly benefit children from disadvantaged families (in particular, families that are below the poverty line, whose mothers are uneducated, or who are racial minorities). This could be because preschool acts as a kind of “equalizer,” ensuring that for at least a few hours a day, these kids get the same high-quality interaction with adults as more advantaged children do, which helps to even the developmental playing field.

 How To Tell If Your Child Is Ready For Preschool

I did notice the YALE Football advert at the top of the page and the author’s constant use of “he” and “him.” Other than that it seemed pretty comprehensive and supportive. It covers such things as:

  • Are the kids fairly independent – spent time away from you – can work on projects on their own
  • Can they participate in group activities
  • Are they used to keeping a regular(ish) schedule
  • Do they have the physical stamina to handle preschool
  • And … Why do you want to send them to preschool


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